Equine Assisted Learning for Groups

There are many ways that groups can benefit from sessions on the farm.

There are many ways that groups can benefit from sessions on the farm. And because there is a yoga studio in the barn that is also suitable for small group meetings, organizations can combine inside meetings with outside horse experiences (such as board retreats, for example) for a powerful right-brain/left-brain combination to best reach their goals.

Equine assisted learning sessions are offered by several independent therapists at ClearWind Farm — each with a unique approach and specialties. Click here to see who they are.

Team Building

Bring your business colleagues, non-profit board of directors or club members out to the farm and work together to overcome challenges with the horses (leading a horse through an obstacle course, for example). The shared experience will not only provide great team-learning opportunities but also a common experience that is sure to bring smiles and sighs for years to come.

Learning experiences for pre-existing psychotherapy or support groups.

Groups that are already in existence and want to expand or deepen the work they are doing often get a boost out of coming out as a group to engage with the horses. We can tailor sessions to fit you needs.

Workshops, trainings, retreats.

We will be hosting workshops and clinics in areas such as equine assisted psychotherapy and learning, yoga for riders, Vinyassa Dressage and equine welfare workshops.