Upcoming Events

UNC Wellness Retreat, Sept 25

It’s been a tragic fall for local colleges, and this 3-hour mini-workshop is designed to give UNC students a space to unwind, relax and get grounded in the company of horses. No horse experience necessary. $25 fee. Limited to 12 students. Scholarships available.  Register here

Mustangs with Mary Miller Jordan, Nov 19

We are eager to announce the (new) date of Mary Miller Jordan’s Connection Clinic November 19. In the morning Mary will demonstrate her approach with her own mustangs, in the afternoon she will demonstrate by working with ClearWind horses and staff.

Morning Session: Mary & Mustangs demonstrate Liberty, Positive Reinforcement, and Horse-Human Relationship Theory.

Afternoon Session: Mary will connect with some ClearWind horses and equine specialists. Through observation, mindfulness, and intuition, Mary will share ways to understand and give back to our therapy horses. This will be an enriching and educational experience for anyone who is working on building a stronger more trusting relationship with horses. Fee is $50 for the day.  Register here

Building connection with Nashohn Cook Dec 2 & 3

We are super-excited to host Nahshon Cook, author, poet, and first-generation horseman from Denver, Colorado for a 2-day clinic December 2-3 . Nahshon has been conducting clinics around the world and is particularly interested in horses that have mental, physical and emotional rehabilitation needs. He uses his background in classical dressage to help horses use their bodies in a way that promotes healing and wholeness. He also helps people connect more deeply and communicate more clearly with their horses.

Please email Charlene Couch at charlene.couch@gmail.com to learn more details. Riders ($275) can register here. Auditors ($50) here.