All Access Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

EAL is a blend of unique wholehearted connection work with horses, using a variety of gentle equine-centered training skills.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions are offered to all ages by Suzanne Case. These sessions are one hour in length and there is no riding. Instead, EAL sessions focus on building relationships with horses on the ground, horse behavior and how people can best communicate with horses through body language and energy. Suzanne believes that every horse/human connection is unique and exploring this relationship can be very enriching to our lives. Most EAL sessions will consist of connection through grooming and caring for the horses, leading exercises, and eventually learning to work with the horses at liberty.

If you want to learn about working with horses in a way that is kind, sensitive and helpful to both horse and human, this is a great way to learn, grow, enjoy horses and gain horse skills!

Contact Suzanne for more information at: 919-270-9166