The Power of Horses

Introduction Course for Children 10-13

Horses are masters at being in the present moment and responding to the energy and intention shared with them, whether conscious or unconscious. They also seek and respond to clarity and calm interactions offering us an exploration of mind/body awareness.

The Course
This 4-session course will explore different aspects of horse behavior, connection and concepts around riding with a focus on how to be thoughtful partners. This will all stem from our Vinyasa Dressage philosophy about horses, riding, and teaching, which is one path of many. All sessions will involve observation and discussion about horse behavior, articles and worksheets that help explain the topics, and activities and practices to connect with them. Sessions 3 and 4 will also involve time on the horses and noticing how we affect them from the saddle. It will be very different than riding lessons and time in the saddle will be specific to the topics. There will be a notebook and folder provided.

Workshops are 2 hours long, and run for four consecutive weeks. It is open to riders of all levels. It is targeted for children 10-13 year old, but will consider other ages, so please call.

The Instructor
Jill Taylor is co-founder of Vinyasa Dressage and joyfully engages with clients at ClearWind Farm in riding, yoga and equine facilitated therapy as well as other equine assisted learning. Jill organizes and leads special events such as yoga and leadership workshops and retreats.


Email Jill at to get your questions answered and find out when the next series starts!