Donate Now | Horses for Mental Health (HMH)

Horses for Mental Health is proud to partner with ClearWind Farm, a mission driven business dedicated to helping everyone — regardless of their ability to pay — experience the healing power of horses.

Money donated to ClearWind Farm’s “All Access Fund” will allow people in challenging financial situations to participate in three programs: equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning groups, or a unique “Collective Connections” program, which is an 8-week program that blends ground-based relationship work and mindful, connected riding.

Many clients who find their way to ClearWind are uninsured or under-insured. We do the best we can to provide services at a reduced rate or even at no-cost, but we can’t keep up with the need. While talk therapy is great for many people, many other people need an experiential approach to open up, to heal and move forward in their life.